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  • Head Chef, Echo Group, Australia
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Commercial Kitchen Forms & Management System

Paperless Commercial Kitchen Forms and Reports instantly accessible with or without internet access - all backed-up with real-time reporting including:

Solutions include:
Food Authority Audit Checklist
Brisbane Star Rating for Eat Safe
Food Premises Assessment Report
Food Premises Inspection Form
Food Safety Temperature Log
Food Safety Event Record
Storage Units Temperature Log
Internal Audit Checklist
Cleaning Schedule
Safe Method Completion Form
Food Safety Diary
Opening & Closing Checks
And more
If you do not see your country, solution or report in the list above, please contact us about our Global Solutions.

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Safety First

Job Forms

Time Tracker

Quotes & Invoices



Safety First

Powerful, integrated & fully customizeable Safety First solution

  • * Simple safety checklists through to comprehensive Risk Assessments
  • * Perfect for Pre-Starts, Toolbox Talks, Safe Work Method Statements & more.
  • * Safety Forms can be completely customized for your business
  • * Tagged Photos, On-Screen Signatures, Time Date & GPS Stamped.

Job Safety is one of the keys to a successful operation and now this revolutionary module ensures it is easier than ever to monitor the safety processes of your business. The Safety First module can be as simple as a quick checklist before starting a job right through to comprehensive Risk Assessments and Incident / Near Miss Report. The forms used can be completely customized to suit your business - the flexibility is very powerful. Management have visibility on the status of all job related safety processes. Notifications can be set up to remind field users and management if forms have not been completed by specified times and all records are archived for instant access and review.

Benefit: Keep your team safe and impress everyone with your safety program.

Mobile Forms with Amazing Features

Your forms can be so much more powerful - more accurate information, faster!

  • On Screen Signatures

    Sign mobile forms right from your iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows smartphone.

  • Auto Calculations

    Perform calculations within your smart forms. Great for invoices and inventory.

  • GPS Tracking

    Automatically 'fetch' location using your mobile form's Integrated GPS Tracking.

  • QR & Barcode Scan

    Use the Barcode scanner to bring product details straight into your iPad forms.

  • Photo Capture

    Take, tag, save, and submit photos using your iPhone forms.

  • Drawing and Diagrams

    Add drawings without leaving your smart forms. Great for floor plans.

  • External Weblinks

    Without leaving app, link to training videos, terms or instructions or any website.

  • Sub Forms

    Create forms within forms for more detailed analysis.

  • Instant Form Validation

    In-form validation gives you instant feedback from your mobile workforce.

  • Voice Recording

    Don’t have time to type? Use the voice recording built into your paperless forms.

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As a Food Safety and Facilities Management tool, this is a great solution. The App is simple to use and the Management Portal Dashboard delivers all the reporting and communication tools we need. Thoroughly recommended.

  • IT Manager, Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre, Australia

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Mobile Payments

Notification & Route

Resource e-Library

Lookup Databases

Advanced Drawing

Cloud Scheduler

Mobile Payments

Take debit and credit cards payments instantly without leaving the App.

  • * Take instant credit card payments without leaving the app
  • * Fully secure & compliant card detail management
  • * Integrate payment amounts straight into form
  • * Save money on separate card payment processors

The fully integrated mobile payment gateway enables users to collect credit card payments instantly, onsite without leaving the app. When you complete the invoice within Formitize, the card payment window appears. No more delays in getting paid with instant payment. The process is completely secure and compliant ensuring that all privacy standards are maintained and personal details are managed correctly. Accepted cards include Visa, MasterCard and American Express, right out of the box.

Benefit: Improve cashflow by securely taking instant payments onsite without leaving the app.

Enterprise Mobility and Cloud Integration

We play really well with others! Powerfully integrating with more than 200 cloud based solutions globally.

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